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Business: Nicola Valley Shelter and Support Society
Address: Merritt, B.C.


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Endeavour To Be Better (ETBB) is a program of the Nicola Valley Shelter and Support Society. It operates 7 days a week providing drop in meals, work experience and health and wellness focused leisure activities to individuals with mental health and substance use disorders.

We are looking for a person with lived experience of substance use or mental health issues with a minimum of 5 years of recovery to fill the role of a peer navigator.

The Peer Navigator’s role is to support program participants during daily activities. The Peer Navigator will serve as a role model, mentor, advocate and motivator to program participants in order to help promote healthy lifestyle choices.

The Peer Navigator will:

• Act as a role model for program participants by demonstrating that recovery is possible. • Assist program participants to identify their personal interests, goals, strengths and weaknesses.

• Assist/coach program participants to develop their own plan for advancing their recovery; for getting the life, they want.

• Actively identify and support linkages to community resources (communities of recovery, housing and legal supports, educational, vocational, social, cultural and spiritual resources, professional services, etc.) that support program participants goals and interests.

• Be willing to work flexible hours including weekends.

• Be physically able to take leading role during work experience and leisure activities. • Take part in street outreach activities in order to meet clients where they are.

• Be willing and comfortable sharing their own story of recovery without judgement and in a manner so as to inspire and encourage others to take steps towards their own recovery.

• Abide by all NVSSS policy and procedure Preferred skills, abilities and qualifications:

Preferred skills, abilities and qualifications:

• 5 years of recovery

• have a working knowledge of the drug and alcohol treatment system and other community resources

• Strong interpersonal skills with an ability to work effectively with a wide range of people, teams, managers, supervisors, and vendors.

• excellent written and verbal communication skills.

• demonstrate critical thinking, problem-solving, organizational and time management skills.

• Able to work alone and as part of a team.

This position is part-time and reports to the Endeavour to be Better Program Coordinator

Salary and remunerations:

$20/ hour

Cover letters and resumes will be accepted until this position is filled. By mail: BOX 424 Merritt BC. V1K 1B8 In person: 2038 Nicola Ave, Merritt BC By e-mail:

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