Posted Aug 25, 2023Projects Financial Lead



Business: Nooaitch Indian Band
Phone: 250-378-6141
Address: Merritt




Nooaitch Indian Band is seeking to hire a Projects Financial Lead as described below.
Remuneration for this position will be based on qualifications of the successful applicant.
Persons interested in this position should email an application letter and resume to the
following email address: All applications are very much
appreciated, but only the most qualified applicants will be contacted. This posting will remain in
effect until the position is filled. Thank you for your interest in this position.
Duties of the Projects Financial Lead
• Overseeing projects relating to cash flow, financial reporting, and revenue and expenses
• Assisting departments in creating and managing forecasts and budgets for various projects
• Gathering and analyzing data to identify areas for improvement and/or develop solutions to keep
projects on budget and on time
• Helping the project team in establishing appropriate internal controls and project management
• Supporting design and execution of the implementation process, including business requirement
gathering, process documentation and solutions design
• Implementing change management strategies, ensuring stakeholders and teams are trained and
adjusted to the new process
Projects Financial Lead Skills and Qualifications
The Projects Financial Lead needs to be both an analytical and effective team member, able to balance
scheduling with data gathering and budget analysis. Candidates for this position should have appropriate
training in a related field, along with previous financial management experience and/or the following
• Financial analysis - The finance project coordinator needs ability in financial management, including
gathering and analyzing data, organizing reports, and presenting findings to the project team and
band administration staff.
• Budgeting and forecasting - The financial project manager develops budgets and creates forecasts to
support projects related to cash flow and revenue.
• Team coordination - Coordinating and financial updating project teams is essential for the financial
project coordinator, as projects may be subject to variations in required activities and funding levels.
• Time management- The financial project coordinator assists the project team in developing project
schedules, identifying milestones and deliverables, and ensuring that projects are completed on time
based on effective funding levels and reporting requirements.
• Communication skills - The financial project coordinator is a skilled communicator, able to report to
band administration as needed and clearly communicate with team members across departments.

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