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Business: Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Contractor
Address: Various Locations


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Trans Mountain Opportunities: 14 current postings (April 5, 2021)


Base Business (5 Postings)

  1. Pipeline Maintenance Technician, Edmonton   NEW
  2. Intermediate Hydraulic Engineer , Calgary   NEW
  3. Environmental Specialist - Vegetation AB/BC (Term Role),Alberta  NEW
  4. Control Centre Operator (3 positions), (Edmonton)
  5. Senior Oil Terminal Optimization Analyst (Calgary)


Expansion Project (9 Postings)

  1. Intermediate Analyst, Crossings, TMEP (term role) Calgary   NEW
  2. Senior Communications Specialist, TMEP (term), Calgary   NEW
  3. Chief Inspector – Health & Safety, TMEP (term role),Alberta and/or British Columbia   NEW
  4. Land and Permit Interface Analyst - Burnaby, TMEP (term role),Burnaby   NEW
  5. Project Director, Pipeline Execution, TMEP (term role), (Calgary)
  6. Project Director, Lower Mainland Facilities, TMEP (term), (Burnaby)
  7. EHS Hazard & Risk Advisor, TMEP (term role), (Calgary)
  8. Executive Assistant, VP Project Services & Integration TMEP (term), (Calgary)  

Project Controls Manager, Lower Mainland, TMEP (term role), (Burnaby)


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