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Business: Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Contractor
Phone: Toll Free:1-866-514-6700
Address: Various Locations


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Trans Mountain Opportunities: 31 Current

Base Business (15 Postings)

  1. Project Engineer (term role), Calgary NEW
  2. Pipeline Integrity Technician, Burnaby NEW
  3. Compliance Engineer (term role), Calgary NEW
  4. Risk GIS Technician (term role), Calgary NEW
  5. Shipper Services Analyst (term role), Calgary NEW
  6. Pipeline Integrity Engineering (Co-op Student), Calgary NEW
  7. Facility Engineering (Co-op Student), Calgary NEW
  8. Labourer - Winter Assistance (term role), Burnaby NEW
  9. Control System Specialist, Burnaby
  10. Senior Pipeline Integrity Engineer, Calgary
  11. Administrative Assistant (term role), Burnaby
  12. Manager, Security, Calgary
  13. Senior Regulatory Financial Analyst, Calgary
  14. Payroll Analyst (term role), Calgary
  15. Pipeline Simulation Specialist, Edmonton 

Expansion Project (11 Postings)

  1. Land Coordinator - Crossings, Expansion Project (term role), Calgary NEW
  2. Construction Engineering (Co-op Student), Expansion Project, Chilliwack NEW
  3. Field Contract Administrator - Facilities, Expansion Project (term role), Edmonton NEW
  4. Field Contract Administrator, Expansion Project (term role), Calgary
  5. Training Systems Analyst, Expansion Project (term role), Edmonton
  6. Human Resources (Co-op Student), Expansion Project, Calgary
  7. Permitting Compliance Advisor, Expansion Project (term role), Calgary
  8. Labour Equipment Material (LEM) Coordinator, Expansion Project (term role), Burnaby
  9. Project Mobilization Lead, Spread 34A, Expansion Project (term role), Clearwater
  10. Senior Project Coordinator, Expansion Project, Burnaby
  11. Records Administrator, Training & CCAP, Expansion Project (term role), Calgary


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